Introducing!  SounDish™ by Passive Vibes.  Captures and enhances the sound of your audio device... All YOU NEED IS SOUND.


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As shown in the slide simulation above, sound from your device's speaker , which is usually located at the bottom or at the top of the phone, is captured  in the SounDish ™ and redirected out the front opening at higher volume and clarity.

How it works!

SounDish™ is a unique sound enhancement product designed for smartphones and portable audio devices.  Simply place your portable audio device onto the provided bracket and listen to music, phone calls (speakerphone mode) or videos with greatly enhance sound quality. Use as a speakerphone for conference calls during a meeting,while listening to music at your desk or watching a movie.  Uses no wires or batteries. Directs sound from your audio device toward you, and picks up sound from your devices microphone. Use in your hotel room with your cell phone to hold your phone and improve the sound of your call, while you relax hands free. 

Recent product feedback indicates that customers in living assistant communities and convalescent facilities are using and enjoying the sound enhancement and hands free features of the SounDish. Order yours today!

Works with many types

of phones and tablets in various applications. 

​Holds your phone and improves the sound of your call.